The Do’s & Don’ts

The Do's & Don'ts Of Solar

Use this list to see where you stack up

Environmental awareness is constantly increasing, and as such, the desire for a better source of energy is rapidly growing. A lot of companies are jumping on the solar bandwagon. There seems to be a new solar ad everywhere you look! How do you differentiate between companies? How do you know who’s telling you the truth and who’s just trying to sell you something?


Call many different companies. A lot of places overbid and have room to negotiate. Look to see what the initial price per watt of the system is (before tax credits!). An average installation should cost between 4-4.50 per watt


Make sure you get a complete list of what is being installed. This way you can compare apples to apples. Compare the panel size and brand, as well as micro-inverter vs central inverter.

Don’t sign anything without having someone inspect your house. No one can know exactly how many panels can fit on your roof without actually inspecting it.

Read EVERYTHING! A lot of companies have hidden fees and escalators that they don’t advertise. In addition, a lot of companies advertise low prices but in the fine print it says “after credits.” Not everyone qualifies for a credit.

Don’t allow just anyone on your roof. Make sure the installers know how to correctly protect your roof while they’re installing. Some companies just drill a hole in the roof and add some caulking, but they don’t protect it against future damage and leaks.

Look at all of your options. Some companies offer purchases, some companies offer leases, some offer both. Make sure you don’t let them sway you in either direction. (See the next page for pros and cons!)

If someone is referring their solar person to you, make sure you ask if they are getting a referral fee. A lot of companies pay for referrals. Even if that person had a bad experience, they may be more willing to refer the company to you since they are getting paid for it.

Don’t settle! Get everything you want in writing. Deals are not going to end if you don’t sign on the dotted line immediately. Don’t ever let a solar salesperson push you into signing a contract right away.

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