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San Diego business owners can take control of their electricity needs and lower operating costs with commercial solar energy installation. With financial incentives still available, such as the 30% investment tax credit and Net Metering benefits, solar gives the opportunity to significantly lower the cost of your electricity. In fact, you can expect to see accelerated depreciation in just 5 years. You’ll also be able to shave off or even eliminate your peak power usage, which can significantly reduce demand charges.

Other opportunities to save with solar are readily available. In fact, financing options have never been better for businesses looking to invest in commercial solar energy. Should you choose an unsecured loan or PACE financing (such as the HERO program), your business will see substantial savings in comparison to the commercial energy rates you pay your utility company.

With equipment options ranging from premium SunPower solar panels to the cost-effective SolarWorld and Canadian brands. Strata offers choices that will help guide you to the best decision for your business. We also offer several inverter options, allowing business owners to install a storage-ready solar panel system that can integrate seamlessly with batteries when the time comes.

If you want to learn more about the possibility of your business going solar, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to survey your situation to see how solar can be a great investment for you!

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